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Paladin Trust
Why Choose Paladin Trust as your Digital Asset Custodian?
  • The security of our cold storage solution
  • Our unique solution that includes hedging and liquidity management
  • Individualized attention to unique customer processes and requirements
  • The long-standing professional reputation of our team
Currencies Managed: 497
Our Solutions
The Paladin Platform

Paladin Trust Manages the physical security of digital assets and digital currencies for diversified client base that includes companies, financial institutions, and high-net-worth individuals. We apply the highest standards of technology, infrastructure, and operational security to provide you with institutional grade security, custodian solutions and institutional trading.

• Paladin’s custody solution is built on our cold storage digital vaults. Our solution is 100% air-gapped: it never has and never will touch a network, a printer, other hardware or the internet.
• Paladin’s platform is an elegant technical solution that manages the requirement of 100% cold storage with the ability to access funds for trading.  In this way, Paladin is unique.  We are the first digital custodian to combine the safety of a cold storage vault with the functionality of a trading desk.

Institutional Custody

Paladin Trust provides a best in class custody solution for digital assets.

ICO Custody Services

For investors, sending Etheriumor Bitcoin to an unknown wallet during an ICO may be cause for concern.

Hedging & Liquidity

Not only does Paladin Trust provide physical security for digital currencies, we also secure the value of your digital assets.

OTC Trading & Escrow

Paladin has deep relationships with significant buyers and sellers of digital assets.