About Us

Who We Are

Paladin is a Latin word, meaning a palace guard.  The 12 Paladins guarded Emperor Charlemagne, just as we at Paladin Trust safeguard the digital assets and currencies you’ve worked so hard to aggregate.

We are passionate about blockchain technology, decentralization and cryptocurrencies.  However, we were frustrated by the lack of basic financial services and professional oversight.  So we set out to build it ourselves!

Paladin Trust is managed by a team who has excelled in the securities, banking and finance fields for over 20 years.  All Paladin staff are registered with a higher overseeing body – the SEC, NASD, Bar Association, CFAs, CPAs, etc.  We are highly qualified to deliver this best in class solution

Executive Team
Pamela Day
Founder & CEO
Amy Oswick
Chief Commercial Officer
Carlo Zola
Head of Trading Operations