Buyers and Sellers Seeking Trade Execution

• Paladin’s traders can execute trades on behalf of entities that do not have their own trading operation or expertise. Under our custodial clients’ directives, Paladin liquidates or exchanges client holdings on request.

• Institutions need not hire their own trading staff – Paladin serves as outsourced trading desk management for custodial clients. Paladin has trading relationships with the largest exchanges with the deepest volume, and utilizes trading algorithms to achieve client goals.

• Paladin’s proprietary OTC desk handles large buy and sell orders. The desk manages seller programs – Paladin never sells coins that we do not hold. In this way, Paladin eliminates and matches to buyer orders.

• Coin Escrow – No sizable currency transactions should every take place without an escrow of the coins. Parties and agents who have already matched their counterparts utilize Paladin’s OTC desk for coin escrow, perhaps the most important function in OTC trades. Coin escrow limits risk and remove any chance of fraud in large transactions.

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