Institutional Custody

Paladin Trust provides a best in class custody solution for digital assets

• Includes multiple layers of protection

• Clients’ assets are stored in our custom wallet solution, segregated both by client and by token type.  Digital assets are never co-mingled.

• Multiple signatures onsite are required for asset removal

• Assets are only transferred to verified whitelisted wallet addresses

• Geographic redundancy and backup minimizes natural disaster risk

• Subject to regular voluntary security audits

Paladin is the first and only custodian to combine best-in-class vault storage with a direct trading desk. Only Paladin’s architecture provides an elegant solution combining state of the art security with trade-able access.

Vault Storage

• 100% Cold Storage

• Machines and hardware are sourced directly from US manufacturer, removing supply chain risk.

• Machines and hardware are 100% pure airgapped – have never connected to a network, printer, other hardware or internet.

• Clients’ assets are stored in separate wallets, by asset type.  Client assets are never co-mingled.

• Retrieval processes require multiple signatures on-site.

• Any subportion of the hardware architecture may be damaged, destroyed, or stolen with no compromise to security.

• Backup keys to hardware are never printed. Geographic redundancy and backup minimizes natural disaster risk.

• The hardware is based on a dual chip architecture (ST31/STM32, Certification level: CC EAL5+); the firmware integrity is guaranteed by cryptographic attestation

Trading Desk

• Full-time trader on-site during business hours to trade in and out of client positions.

• Movement between fiat and crypto are performed solely per customer order.  Paladin does not perform proprietary trading.

• Trading computers are separated from the vault. However, trader(s) may access cold-storage assets under Paladin procedures within minutes or hours, not days.

• Paladin has direct trading relationships and accounts with all major exchanges, allowing direct OTC and public liquidation procedures.

• At the end of each trading day, all digital assets are taken off exchanges and hot wallets and returned to Vault Storage until the next trading day.