Institutional Holders, Funds and Large Individual Crypto Holders

• Large holders of cryptocurrency worried about the safety of their digital coins have good reason to be concerned. All hacks on cryptocurrencies have occurred in hot wallets, exchanges, and other connected sites and devices.

• Some choose to turn to hardware wallets in order to secure cryptocurrency. But these types of devices might not be exactly what they seem. TechCrunch reported in March 2018 how 15-year old Saleem Rashid was able to find a flaw in Ledger’s hardware wallet that could let hackers obtain PIN numbers for the device.

• These types of security issues have raised the alarm for many digital currency holders who are now wondering how they can actually keep their assets safe.

• Paladin Trust uses state-of-the-art, multiple signature cold storage wallets that are always 100% fully air-gapped. Paladin’s vaults require multiple on-site procedures to access client funds and are backed up in separate regions of the country.

• Paladin has never experienced a hack.

• Partnered with Paladin’s cold storage vaults is Paladin’s trading desk, which allows our traders to access and trade client assets and return client crypto back to vaults at the end of each trading day.

• Paladin’s direct trading desk and proprietary OTC distribution network provide a rare combination of liquidity and security for Paladin clients.