OTC Trading & Escrow

Paladin has deep relationships with significant buyers and sellers of digital assets. It is through these relationships that we are able to facilitate Over The Counter trades of Bitcoin and Etherium.

Buyers and sellers use Paladin in their trades for the following important benefits:

• Using a coin custodian removes any chance of fraud. No funds are released unless or until Paladin certifies receipt of the coins.   We take possession of the coin, providing buyers total assurance that the coins are real and the transferable.  Once Paladin confirms receipt of the coin, funds are deposited at the Sellers bank (or with a fiat escrow partner).  Once receipt of funds is verified, we release the coins the Buyer.

• Via our cold storage vaults, Paladin holds the assets safer than the parties generally do themselves.  This ensures proper handling during the escrow.

• When a seller custodies their assets for sale with Paladin, Paladin is able to achieve far better pricing than standard OTC trades.  That’s because Paladin can sell directly to other brokers, exchanges and traders in smaller increments, giving sellers better pricing.

• Agents in any transaction can elect to be paid in coins rather than fiat, a great benefit.